Champions League Contest (Final Results)

USA National Team Goalie, Matt Van Houten, demonstrated his prognostic skills yet again, correctly picking the winner of both matches as well as the winners of the Karabatic/Lijewski and Christiansen/Kavticnik goals scored matchups. In addition, he picked up 6 bonus points by correctly predicting the margin of victory in game two, as well as the margin of victory for the Christiansen/Kavticnik matchup. For his efforts Matt wins the Kempa Handball Jersey. Fred Wallace of Glasgow, Scotland placed 2nd overall and 2nd in the final round and wins the Official 2007 World Championships Handball Program. Thanks to all who participated and [b]thanks to the International Sports and Academic Exchance (ISAE) [/b] for sponsoring the contest.

Final Standings
1) Matt Van Houten, 71 points
2) Fred Wallace, 64
3) Volker Grizmek, 54
4) David Bordeaux, 44