Greenland PATHF Status Update

As previously reported, Greenland recently had it’s PATHF membership status downgraded from full member to associate member. At the IHF Congress in Madrid, Greenland representatives discussed their status with the IHF and received verbal support indicating that a reversal was possible and that the IHF was dissatisfied with the way the PATHF had handled the matter. Of particular note, were 2 scheduled meetings in Madrid to discuss the matter in which PATHF representatives did not show.

Greenland has now put forward two cases for arbitration with the IHF. One case asks that full membership status be restored while the other seeks to allow Greenland a chance to qualify for the upcoming Junior World Championships in Macedonia this summer. Greenland has also asked for the IHF to arrange a meeting with Greenland, IHF, PATHF Board, and any PATHF countries with concerns regarding Greenland’s membership status to address any misunderstandings and to move forward with the development of the sport in the Panam region.

While there is a good chance Greenland will get full membership restored, time and practicality will make it difficult for Greenland to get a chance to qualify for the Junior Worlds, as seeding has already been determined and a last minute tournament would be complicated. According to correspondence with the Greenland Federation the Panam region actually had 3 qualification spots, but chose to give the 3rd spot up as only Argentina and Brazil had sufficient funding to participate. Australia has that slot now and the IHF would be in awkward position to deny Australia or add an additional team to the field.

Greenland’s plight has been getting a fair amount of coverage in media outlets world wide including this account from

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  1. What a shame that PATHF gave up a spot! Great way to build a sport, … not. If the other National Federations did not have money to participate, why go to a qualifying tournament?

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