USOC Announces Team Handball NGB Application Process

The US Olympic Committee has formally announced that it is now seeking applications for organizations desiring to become the US National Governing Body (NGB) for Team Handball. Since the decertification of USA Team Handball last year, the USOC has internally managed Team Handball operations in the US with a focus on supporting the USA National Teams. The USOC is now seeking a new independent organization to take over the management of Team Handball operations and the development of the sport in the US. The timetable calls for public hearings this summer, USOC approval this fall and approval by the IHF this November. More details are available at this link:

2 thoughts on “USOC Announces Team Handball NGB Application Process

  1. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, c'mon. Breaking Team Handball news on a myspace website… Come to think of it i think Iread something about this as well in a men's restroom wall..


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