2007 Women's Pan Am Championships Final Results

Brazil again showed their PATHF dominance with another gold medal. Argentina took second and the Dominican Republic took third. Paraguay will join those three nations at the World Championship this December in France. Canada, USA, and Mexico had disappointing results, finishing 6th, 7th, and 8th respectively.

Results and statistics are available at the PATHF website: www.panamhandball.net

3 thoughts on “2007 Women's Pan Am Championships Final Results

  1. It was great to see the Ladies win one! I hope they can build on this for future tournaments. Go USA!

  2. It should be pointed out that at times during the second half against Paraguay the USA was in a position to qualify for the WC, as they led by 4 before Paraguay came back to tie. So they are not as far off as a 0-1-2 record would indicate. Also they were competitive with every team except Brazil, which was not the case just a few months ago. It will be interesting to see what direction the program takes from here.

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