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  1. Well, they were very competitive with Canada and Paraguay, which is nice to see, and I wish them all the best in the future. But even though only a few goals kept them from advancing, Brazil is at a differant level [they just destoyed everyone], and to be honest, if the USA is not competitive with Brazil, do they really want to go to a WC where Brazil is not even one of the top teams?

  2. Well Brazil beat the USA by 29 and Paraguay by 37. Was Brazil even trying against the USA? Brazil's highest finish was 7th last time. So as I was saying, would getting beat by 50 points at a WC sound like fun? Not to me, I like to at least be in the same galaxy [better yet, the same solar system] as the team I am playing.

  3. But qualifying for the WC is the first step to learn and improve. You might lose by 50 the first time, but in 2 years you will lose by 30 if you keep working, and in 4 years you might lose by 10, and in 6-8 years you might be in Brazil´s level and other international countries level. You are not going to get Brazil´s level all of a sudden from nothing. Besides, despite losing by 50, it would have been a great new for the game that the USA is doing better and that team handball exists there. I´m sorry for the girls, better luck next time.

  4. Only problem with that is, 20 – 25 years ago Brazil was trying to catch up with the USA and the USA was qualifying for the WC. I made those comments, not because I don't already understand your argument and the dynamics of improvement, but because I know the history of handball in the USA and it is disappointing to be behind where we were many years ago. Of course it is better to qualify than not, it just hurts to be so uncompetitive, and as a player I [personally, speaking for myself] would find it very hard to go to a tournament and be motivated knowing we were that [50 points] far behind.
    And, of course, I support the team and wish them the best in the future.

  5. A few points here:

    Brazil is now a top team. Brazil's 7th place (out of 24 teams) performance at the World Championships eclipses any US performance at the World Championships and every Olympics except 1984 and even that performance is somewhat suspect due to the boycott. I would argue that the current Brazilian team would easily beat the USA team from the late 80's and 90's. Much of their roster is playing in Europe and they will be competitive again in France. A combination of the USA being worse and Brazil being better results in those lop-sided scores

    Canada: We can wring our hands at the USA failing to qualify, but the USA performance was actually better than I expected. The real surprise is Team Canada failing to qualify. They certainly could and should have qualified.

  6. Very good points, as usual, John. USA did do better than I expected [so close against Canada and Paraguay!], and I agree that I thought Canada would have done better and should have qualified. I also agree with keeping the short term goals. I read your post back in Sept '06 and thought you did a good job of making a case for competing dispite the differance in the level of play. My problem [I did state it was a personal feeling] I guess is I am a goalie and the thought of letting in 50 more goals than my team scored is just horrifying!
    Lets hope we can get a new NGB here in the USA that allows for our Men's and Women's programs to go forward instead of backward. This means all the people involved in our sport here need to pull together instead of against each other.
    And let's hope Brazil stays in the top tier so we can keep 4 qualifying spots!

  7. And what I meant about Brazil not being on of the top teams is they were not in the top 4, playing for a medal. Maybe this time they will be.

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