Women’s Pan American Championships (Scenarios for Day 3)

[b]Group A [/b]

Argentina has qualified for the semifinals. If Argentina beats Uruguay: Dominican Republic qualifies if they tie or beat Mexico. Mexico qualifies if they beat the Dominican Republic.

Uruguay must beat Argentina in order to qualify and then have Mexico beat the Dominican Republic

[b]Group B[/b]
Brazil has essentially qualified as they would have to lose by 36 to Canada to finish in 3rd place. Paraguay will qualify with a win or a tie vs. the United States. In the event of a USA victory , Paraguay, Canada and the USA will be level on points. The next applicable tie breaker will be head to head goal differential. The current standings for this is:

Paraguay 1 0 0 2pts 23 18 +5
Canada 1 0 1 2pts 49 52 -3
USA 0 0 1 0pts 29 31 -2

The USA can qualify if they beat Paraguay by 4 goals. Paraguay will qualify if they lose by 3 goals or less. Canada is eliminated in this scenario as they are locked in at -3 goal differential. Canada’s only hope to qualify therefore is a victory over unbeaten Brazil and then a USA victory or a draw against Paraguay.