London Handball Match (A Groundbreaking Event)

Hungarian Champion Veszprem beat Danish side Viborg 31-26 in London on Saturday night. This was the first time that two top European Clubs have played an exhibition match in a non-traditional handball nation and it is reminiscent of NBA matches staged in Europe, Japan and Australia that helped pave the way for basketball’s unprecedented growth worldwide. Let’s give credit to, Veszprem, Viborg and the British Federation for staging this groundbreaking event and let’s hope that this is the first of many more matches to come.

British Federation Article:
Pictures from Veszprem Website:

2 thoughts on “London Handball Match (A Groundbreaking Event)

  1. Love to see Houston get such a match. However, this is part of a long term run-up to the London Olympics. The USA does not have that incentive at this time, but I would still love to see it happen. John, I would go even if it was in Las Vegas!

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