PATHF Div 1 Championships (Canadian Perspective)

Editor’s Note: I had intended to have an audio podcast interview with Men’s Assistant Coach Mike Nahmiash, but due to technical difficulties we’ll make due with some notes from our conversation.

[b]Canada’s Matches[/b]

Canada – Puerto Rico: Mike noted that Puerto Rico had an athletic team and that Team Canada led at one point by 5 or 6 goals before Puerto Rico mounted a comeback. With time running out Puerto Rico scored a final goal which at first was not allowed due to time having expired. Upon further review, however, the officials reversed their decision and awarded the tying goal.

Canada – Dominican Republic: Probably the key victory for the Canadians at the tournament as they had lost to the Dominicans at the Pan American Games this past summer. The Canadians were somewhat aided by the fact that a couple of naturalized Dominicans of Cuban descent did not make the journey to Havana.

Canada – Mexico: Mike noted that the Mexicans appeared to have sent a younger team than the one that had gone to the Pan American Games. Canada controlled the game from start to finish.

Canada – Cuba : No doubt as to the final outcome as the Cubans totally dominated this match. Mike did note that the game likely would have been closer, but Canada chose to play without its two backcourt players (Maxime Godin and Alexis Bertrand) who are playing competitively in France. With 2nd place already locked up it and with both players expecting to play matches in France soon it was not viewed as necessary for either player to play.

[b]Technical Meeting:[/b] Representatives from each of the 5 teams attended an organizational meeting with PATHF VP Mario Moccio. The following was noted:

– It was not expected that Greenland will be reinstated and it was noted by Mr Moccio that it was his understanding that the IHF does not intend to overturn the PATHF’s decision to strip Greenland of full membership in the PATHF.

– The Cuban delegation expressed concern with the PATHF Championship taking place in the United States. Mr Moccio indicated that it is still scheduled to take place in the United States next June, but that this decision would be reviewed at the PATHF Congress in December.