Handball Maps

A new feature, Handball Maps, http://teamhandballnews.com/page24.html has been added to the website. This page will include links to interactive maps with Handball related information. The maps fit into two broad categories.

The first category is focused on Handball in developing countries, like the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Australia. These Google Maps contain information about where established clubs, new clubs and where people would like to start a club are located. You just click on the marker and contact information is provided. And anyone with a Google account can edit and update the map. I’ve started to populate the North America map, but I’m sure other Handball fans can more accurately update their home country.

The second category is focused on Handball clubs in the top Handball Nations. Maps highlighting the location of First Division and Champions League teams in Europe have been started.

A link to the Maps Page has been added to the top of the page. Thanks to Mark Yazer for the idea.

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