Greenland Saga Continues

[html] In November of 2006 the Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) downgraded Greenland’s full membership to an associated membership. This change in membership status meant that Greenland could no longer participate in qualification events for any Handball World Championships (youth, junior or senior). Greenland appealed this decision to the IHF Arbitration Commission and in November of 2007 the Commission ruled that Greenland should be reinstated as a full member of the Pan American Team Handball Federation (PATHF).

Team Handball News has now learned, however, that the PATHF has not accepted this decision and has requested that the IHF “set aside the decision of the arbitration Commission and to allow PATHF to explain in writing its arguments in support of the decision taken by its Continental Congress.” In a letter to the IHF dated, December 12, 2007, the PATHF claims that the IHF did not follow due process and failed to either hold oral hearings or request that the PATHF submit written arguments in support of their case. It should be noted, however, that this PATHF claim appears to be in direct contradiction to the Appeal finding which noted the following, “This Commission regrets to note that the Pan America Federation offered no response to this appeal nor did it offer a defence to the claims, making the work of the Commission much harder.”
The IHF Office has forwarded the PATHF letter to the Arbitration Commission on 18 December, but as of this date there has been no further action taken by the IHF. In the meantime, the first PATHF qualification tournament since Greenland’s reinstatement, the PATHF Women’s Under 20 Championship, is rapidly approaching. Scheduled for February in Argentina, Greenland has contacted the PATHF and Argentinia Federation for information, but there requests have gone unanswered. Frustrated with these apparent delaying tactics the Greenland Handball Federation (GHF formally requested on January 18, 2008 that the IHF step in and take action to ensure that Greenland can participate in this tournament. As of this date, Greenland has not received a response back from the IHF concerning this request. [/html]

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  1. Add this mess to the one in Asia and Handball does not look to good to the rest of the sporting community.
    They need to resolve these issues promptly.

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