Bahrain Coach: “What We Saw is not Sport”

Details concerning the controversial Iran-Kuwait match at the Asian Handball Championships are starting to emerge. Among the developments reported in the Gulf Daily News of Bahrain:

– Bahrain’s Coach, Borut Macek of Slovenia, candidly describes the match by saying “What we saw is not sport. If those players did not feel bad about what they did, then I think that they are not good sportsmen.”
– Coach Macek highlights that an Iranian pair officiated their earlier match against Kuwait. This was clearly an error in selection as it is standard practice to assign officials from a neutral country (i.e., a pair from one of the nations in the other group).
– Bahrain is considering a letter to the IOC concerning this issue
– Bahrain is planning to stage a protest outside the Kuwaiti Embassy next Monday
– In a sign that pressure is being applied behind the scenes, Asian Handball Federation (AHF) technical director has Nahar Al Asfoor resigned from his post.

Meanwhile, the Korea Times reports that South Korea, Japan, and China will meet next month in Beijing to discuss a break away Asian Federation.

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