Champions League Web Broadcasts (1 and 2 March)

The EHF is offering 4 matches this weekend. Here’s a summary and a recommendation on which matches to watch.

[b]Saturday, 1 March[/b], 17:00 Central European Time (CET)

FC Barcelona at Celje Pivovarna Lasko Celje needs to win this match to have any chance of winning Group 4. Barcelona is all alone in first place and their remaining two matches are both at home.

[b]Sunday, 2 March[/b]

16:30 CET Portland San Antonio at SG Flensburg Handewitt This is essentially an elimination match for Group 3. Portland San Antonio and Flensburg have only 2 and 1 points respectively and to qualify either side will probably have to win all their remaining games to finish first

17:30 CET
VfL Gummersbach at RK Gorenje Velenje
Ciudad Real is all alone at the top of Group 2 with 6 points, while Gummersback, Velenje and Montpellier have only 2 points. As such this is another elimination game as both sides probably need to win their 3 remaining matches to catch Ciudad Real.

17:45 CET (Taped delayed and available around 19:45)
HSV Hamburg at RK Croatia Osiguranje-Zagreb
A pivotal battle for first place in Group 3. Hamburg won by 3 in Germany, but now they will travel to a sold out arena in Zagreb. The atmosphere should be electric and with no commentating you may need to turn down the volume on your computer or the crowd noise could be deafening. If you can only watch 1 match this is clearly the one you should see.

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