Forum Added to the Site

[html] Recently our site got a couple of extensive post in the comments section from a couple of former USA Handball Presidents. While the commentaries were interesting they were, in my opinion, too long and not related to the story. This isn’t the first time our comments section has degenerated into long and involved discussion that‘s somewhat misplaced. While we don’t want to stifle debate, we would like, however, for the news section to remain a news section.

To solve this quandary we’ve added a forum to the website. The link is there at the top of the page and the forum will be the venue for protracted discussion and debate. When you want to vent on a particular topic and/or debate handball issues this is your venue. This doesn’t mean that you can’t comment on a particular article, but let’s try and keep the comments short and germane to the article. A great example of how the article comment section should be used is Yaz’s tip on registering for the EHF video streaming.

And of course another benefit of the forum is that you can pick the topic, within reason. All that we ask is that you keep it civil. We hope this plan makes sense and we hope that members take advantage of the forum to air their views and share information. [/html]