Greenland Cleared to Participate in PATHF Junior Tournament

Greenland has received notification from the PATHF that they now will be allowed to participate in the PATHF Junior Women’s Tournament scheduled for March 10-16, in Argentina. As reported earlier, the PATHF appeared to be stonewalling Greenland by not providing scheduling information concerning the tournament. Additionally, formal correspondence between the PATHF and the IHF concerning Greenland’s membership status implied that the PATHF had not recognized the IHF Court of Arbitration ruling that Greenland should be reinstated as a full PATHF member.

The notification that Greenland received, however, dispels that notion and fully acknowledges Greenland’s right to play in the upcoming tournament. But while Greenland is cleared to play for this tournament, the PATHF still maintains that Greenland’s status as a PATHF member still needs to be fully resolved either through the IHF appeal process or other legal action. The PATHF, however, concedes that until such time a ruling reverses the current status quo, Greenland is a full member and will be allowed to participate in PATHF tournaments.

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