Champions League Matches this Weekend

Saturday, 8 March, 16:30hrs
FC Barcelona vs GOG Svendborg TGI Gudme
An unlikely showdown for Group 4 supremacy. Svendborg won their first match in Denmark 35-33, and they most likely will need a draw or a win in Spain in order to advance.

Sunday, 9 March, 14:45hrs
Zvezda Zvenigorod vs Viborg HK
This Women’s match is a battle for 2nd place in Group 2. Viborg won the first match in Denmark 31-29.

Sunday, 9 March, 18:00hrs
Portland San Antonio vs HC Croatia Osiguranje-Zagreb
Zagreb’s big win over Hamburg put them in first place in Group 3, but they now need to pick up some points in their remaining matches at Portland San Antonio (this week) and Flensburg next week. Portland San Antonio needs to win out in order to advance.

Important: Daylight Savings Time starts in the USA on Sunday, but doesn‘t start in Europe for a few weeks. The time difference to the US East Coast on Sunday will therefore be 5 hours instead of the usual 6.