The British are coming…

My colleague, John Ryan, gave you an insightful look at US team handball's latest failures. (see "Atlanta DITC: USA Pan-American Championship Hosting was Withdrawn Due to Lack of PATHF Response" article below)

As is always the case in such instances, seeking the truth – or merely looking for answers – can often times lead to more questions and… raised eyebrows.

I found Dr. Gutekunst's willingness to answer questions quite refreshing. However, I must admit, I was also surprised by what I read. Some of my questions, while rethorical in nature, undoubtedly point to the current and devastating mess that team handball finds itself in.

Here is what's eating me:

1. Who empowered the DITC to propose/approve the organizing of the PANAM Championships, in absence of a US Team Handball Federation?
2. I found the Dominican Republic's ability to host a tournament vis-a-vis the US inability to do so — humiliating. What does that say about the organizers and their ability to deliver?
3. How can Mr. Gutekunst speak about the MNT, when in fact there is no MNT? At least not anymore than the DC Diplomats have a team.
4. Having Condoleeza Rice's name associtated with visas, PANAM, team handball is tacky. There are no visa issues! The Cuban National Soccer Team was on US soil just a month ago, with more than half defecting in and around the Tampa Bay area. Black helicopters, anyone?

Another notable item is how the same names always come up whenever there is a US team handball debacle… I wrote on this topic before. Let me remind everyone that I do believe that those involved in team handball do have our sport's best interest at heart. Unfortunately, these same individuals have proven over the years that they are unable to get the job done!

Please! This is not meant as an insult. It is a factual observation – based on results and track records.
The current business environment – coupled with a lack of jurisdiction of our sport – helped foster this "mob mentality". A mentality of sole proprietorship of a sport that had no chance. It wouldn't be fair (nor prudent) to point out the GUILTY/RESPONSIBLE parties. You see, they are all opportunists, looking for freebies, pseudo power and a quick $$$. It's the American way, after all!

Mercifully, I too am looking forward to the USOC's decision on a new team handball federation/NGB. The new federation will certainly have its work cut out.

In the meantime, and if you care to look over your shoulder, you may see that the [link=/docs/HNM18.pdf]the British are coming[/link]!