ISAE and Bernd Wulffen: Pattern of Fraud and Deceit Emerges for Handball/Soccer Tour Company

Troubling accounts of deceit and outright fraud perpetrated by Bernd Wulffen and his International Sports and Academic Exchange (ISAE) have been reported through multiple sources in the past few months. The ISAE is a touring company that has arranged trips for several players, coaches and teams in the United States and Canada to participate in tournaments in Germany and attend World Championships.

Several players, including Canadian national team player, Dan Devlin and US Club player, Shkumbin Mustafa, have come forward with accounts of negotiated prices for lodging and airfare being reneged upon and money either be returned only after extensive delays, or worse, not at all.

Apparently, these incidents are not isolated and just the tip of the iceberg as evidenced by this story of a Canadian soccer team that is out $79,000 for a planned trip to Germany.

As indicated in the story, attempts to reach Bernd Wullfen and the ISAE have been fruitless for the media and wronged parties for several months.