USOC: Dieter Esch Thoroughly Investigated Prior to Certification

Dieter Esch, the leader of the new USA Team Handball Federation, has been a successful business, both in Germany and the United States. This successful business career, however, has not been devoid of controversy and allegations. Team Handball News spoke recently with Mr Esch concerning two allegations which will turn up on different internet pages if you do a simple Google Search on “Dieter Esch.”

The first allegation relates to his “arrest” for defrauding a Saudi Arabian company by not making it clear that his company, IBH was bankrupt. According to Mr. Esch, he did in fact plead guilty in Germany on a charge related to the bankruptcy, but the law was shortly thereafter rescinded and his record has been expunged in Germany.

The second allegation relates to the Wilhelmina Scouting Network (WSN) which was an independent entity separate from Wilhelmina. The WSN apparently charged prospective models questionable fees for their services. According to Mr. Esch, Wilhelmina withdrew their license and was instrumental in putting WSN out of business.

Team Handball News has not independently investigated these allegations, but did contact the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as to whether they had investigated Mr. Esch’s background. Eric Parthen, the USOC director of NGB Organizational noted the following:

“The USOC did conduct a thorough investigation into Mr. Esch's past which included two separate background checks (domestic and international). One was conducted at the USOC's staff direction as part of our initial review and the other was requested by the USOC Board of Directors prior to their approval. Throughout the process, Mr. Esch was completely open and transparent and was more than cooperative in providing any information requested.”

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