Men’s PATHF Championship (Final Results): Brazil takes gold; Cuba qualifies for World Championships

Brazil defeated Argentina, 27-24, to claim their 2nd straight PATHF Championship. Brazil struggled early in the match and trailed 6-7 at the 20 minute mark. A four goal run made the score 10-7, 5 minutes later and Brazil never relinquished the lead. Argentina stayed close throughout, but were never able to come closer than 1 goal down earlier in the 2nd half.

Cuba overcame a 17-18 halftime deficit to defeat Chile 37-30 in the 3rd place game. In addition to securing the Bronze medal, Cuba also secured the 3rd and final PATHF spot for the World Championships in Croatia next January. This marks Cuba’s return to the World Championships after an absence of 10 years, mostly due to financial reasons.

In the 5th place match Greenland earned their first victory of the tournament, defeating Uruguay 28-21.

[b]Final Standings[/b]
1) Brazil
2) Argentina
3) Cuba
4) Chile
5) Greenland
6) Uruguay
7) Canada

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