Minutes from St. Louis.

For those of you who missed the big team handall "summit", [link=/docs/Minutes.pdf]here are the minutes[/link] from the historic meeting.
Upon reading these minutes you may find yourself frowning, smiling, rolling your eyes over, pondering, chuckling, cursing! Whatever you do, know that you had the choice to be there.

There was no drama at the Omni Hotel in downtown St. Louis. JR has summed up the meeting excellently in his article. It was indeed a meeting of the minds as promised and advertised. Everyone had the opportunity to express his or her feelings.
Texas was well represented by Dede Piankova, Nathalie Dorner, Bogdan Pasat, Riyo Shigihara and Oscar Grisales. Chicago sent Florin and Felix, Santa Clarita had Karl (who also had the back of all the Cali clubs), West Point had two reps. Even the DITC had one representative to Berkholz's delight!:)

WNT had Dawn, T and Sarah. THN had JR and me. Nobody from UNC, ATL, NY.

Other than Steve Pastorino's General Manager and Amir Haskic Techincal Director's positions, the rest of them (paid or otherwise) are on standby – until further notice.

How is that for a teaser? Wink.