Canadian Men’s Coach Suspended for Two Years by PATHF

Canadian Handball Men’s Coach, Stefan Rusimov, has received a two year suspension from the PATHF for a spitting incident at the recently completed Men’s Pan American Handball Championships in Brazil. Shortly after Canada’s 23-21 loss against Uruguay, Coach Rusimov spit demonstratively on the court near the official’s feet.

In correspondence, with Team Handball News, Canadian Federation President, Ward Hrabi, confirmed that the incident took place and that the Canadian Federation “regrets that the coach’s emotions resulted in a momentary lapse of judgment.” The Canadian Federation, however, feels that the 2 year suspension is an excessive sanction relative to other transgressions by players and coaches in connection with PATHF events. They have requested that the PATHF provide more information concerning the incident and the resulting disciplinary action, but as of this date they have yet to receive any official communication from the PATHF.