An Improbable Run that Almost Never Happened

This blog post gives away the result of one of the quarterfinals so click on "read the rest" for the story.

The South Korean Men were not expected to advance to the quarterfinals. Instead they surprised many observers by winning their Group with victories over European sides Denmark and Iceland. Alas, their dreams of medaling were dashed by a veteran Spanish squad in the quarterfinals. But, what is perhaps even more remarkable is that they wouldn’t even have been in Beijing at all, if it weren’t for the unprecedented decision by an arbitration court earlier this year. In a nutshell, a fixed match at the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament had given Kuwait the Asian slot at the Olympics. It was only through the proliferation of a Korean News report of the tournament posted on the internet that a groundswell movement was started to replay the Asian tournament.

[b]Arbitration Report resulting in Korea going to the Olympics: [/b]
[b]Korean News Report:[/b]

Oh, and how about another remarkable fact about the Korean Handball. Their squad features the all-time leading scorer in the German Bundesliga: