Frank Deford on Sports Organizations

Sports commentator, Frank Deford, recently pontificated on the four guiding principles of sports organizations. According to him, they are:

1: It's much easier to run a team sport than an individual sport.
2: It's much easier to run a domestic sport than an international sport.
3: Any sports organization that has the word "federation" in its title is probably a mess.
4: Any sports organization in which volunteers have a lot of power over the professionals is really, really going to be screwed up. A subset to this is, “Beware of any sports organization in which too many people in authority wear blue blazers.”

I would bet Mr Deford has had very limited exposure to Team Handball, but these guiding principles certainly fit the bill for USA Team Handball for many years. One also, can’t help but think of the International Handball Federation. To read or listen to his essay go the link below.

Frank Deford: Take The Olympics. Give Me My NFL, Please: