Handball Fans Association

As promised, I’ve been working on starting a new fan based movement to help get more Handball on TV in the United States and other countries. It’s a work in progress and I’d like your help in fleshing out the details for this movement. As such, I’ve created a Wiki devoted to this topic for you to contribute and provide input.

Handball Fans Association Wiki: http://teamhandball.wikispaces.com/Handball+Fans+Association

In general, I envision an association roughly modeled on the Australian Football Association of North America (AFANA) www.afana.com. Here are the proposed goals of the organization:

1) Help coordinate and facilitate the broadcasting of more Handball matches on TV
2) Provide information on Handball viewing options (TV and Internet)
3) Advocate for Handball fans world-wide

More information on the proposed organization and goals is in the Wiki so head there to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

Additionally, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert in the ins and outs of televised sport production and broadcasting. If you, on the other hand, have personal knowledge, experience and/or professional contacts in the sports production and/or broadcasting arena please send me an email john.ryan@teamhandballnews.com indicating how you would like to help contribute to promoting this agenda.