EHF Champions League TV Coverage (Great Job, but more Bits Please!)

Just a short note to indicate that I won’t be duplicating the fine work that the EHF is doing with their new platform for web streaming. This site has all the information you need in regards to games that will be web streamed live. Additionally, the latest press release from the EHF indicates that all the games will now be available on tape delay.

The EHF is to be commended for developing this platform and I particularly appreciate that they are also not posting the final score for time shifters. My only remaining gripe is that they are not offering the matches with a higher bit rate comparable to the German Bundesliga matches available at HBL.TV The video quality of HBL.TV is an order of magnitude better, but then again the HBL.TV stream is not free either.

[b]Note to EHF Marketing: If you were to offer a premium service with a 1,500 kbs (as opposed to the currrent 600 kbs) I will immediately reach for my wallet. And more importantly, I don’t think that I’d be alone![/b]

EHF Press Release: