International Update

[b]2011 World Championships Awarded to Sweden: [/b] The IHF Council awarded the Men’s 2011 World Championship to Sweden. According to a Danish news report the vote was 7 votes for Sweden, 3 votes for Denmark, 2 votes for Spain and no votes for Hungary. It further speculated that they lost out to Sweden due to Denmark not having large enough arenas.

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[b]GF World Cup: [/b] Denmark hosted their annual Women’s tournament over 5 days. Several nations sent experimental sides heavy with younger players to the tournament. Norway defeated host Denmark and France took 3rd. Results are available at these sites

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[b]IHF and PATHF Presidents Visits Mexico:[/b] IHF President Hassan Moustaffa and PATHF President Manoel Luiz Oliveira visited Mexico recently in conjunction with the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) Assembly in Acalpulco. PASO is the Olympic Sports Organization for North and South America.

[b]IOC/USOC Revenue Dispute Could Impact 2016 Host City Vote:[/b] Peter Uberroth has stepped down as USOC Board Chairman, but made a point recently that the USA should continue to receive a significant share of Olympic revenue. Some IOC members have argued that the USA’s share of funding is disproportionate and one IOC member went so far to say it was immoral. The handball significance of this ongoing argument is that this issue may factor in the vote next year to host the Olympic Games. If Chicago is selected as host it will not only automatically qualify the USA for the 2016 Olympics it will be a shot in the arm for the sport in terms of funding and exposure. Chicago is currently the favorite to be selected, but it’s odds have dropped since this recent brouhaha.

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