United States welcomes ATHF – the newest US Team Handball Federation.


[left]November 29, 2008 marks yet another historic day in the life of US Team Handball.
American Team Handball Federation announced its official arrival today, following this [link=/docs/ATHF.pdf]press release[/link].

The announcement comes as no surprise to those close to the inner workings of US team handball.
ATHF has made US grass roots team handball developmet its number one priority. Established as an LLC Corporation in Florida, the ATHF is privately owned and funded.

Furthermore, as outlined in its press release, the new Federation is headed by former professional athletes whose business and professional sports acumen and experience have already served them well as evidenced by the ATHFs sanctioning of the April 10-11, 2009 Final Four of the French Professional Lague Championships, LNH, Coupe de la Ligue. For more information on the Coupe de la Ligue please visit [link=http://www.coupedelaligue.pro]http://www.coupedelaligue.pro[/link][/left]

More information coming soon, including one of the most indepth interviews to ever grace the THN website, with none other than Cristian Zaharia, the current Sr. Vice President of Sports Operations of the newly formed ATHF.

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