Danes making friends in Macedonia at European Championships

This Danish news report http://blog.tv2.dk/maria.thuesen.tv2/entry282591.html of their National team touring the “sites” in Skopje, Macedonia has stirred up some negative feelings in the host nation as it appears to focus on the stereotypes of Eastern Europe. The embedded video is certainly not a travelogue and I’m guessing the neutral crowd might have a side to root against now.

The google translation of the text is:

“A capital bathed in vintersol. Skopje is the capital of this year's European championships in kvindehåndbold. The Danish players arrived three days before their first match, which is Wednesday against France.

Today, therefore, the team spent the morning on a walk through both the old and new town. It was the meeting with street traders, poverty and dirt.

It is a country that has everything you have of ideas about an Eastern European country. Drop-up buildings, dirty and starving dogs running around the streets, people begging and prices of food and drink is so low that you feel very privileged as a Dane.

But it was a nice weather that gave the city the most beautiful sheen."