WNT's Brezic – on the mark.

Marko Brezic (he of the USA WNT head coach), was missing in action following his unsuccessful trip to Mexico City, where our beloved WNT lost all their games in what everyone hoped to be the beginning of a new era.

Just after Christmas he and I had chance to catch up. His schedule has been hectic. "Frustrating!" he sighed.

I was pleased to learn that the NGB had given him the reigns of the WNT for the duration. Not sure if "interim" was removed from his title yet but the decision made by the NGB braintrust to allow him to continue his work at the helm of the WNT is commendable.

Marko and I go back a few good years. For those of you who do not know him, Marko is what USA Team Handball needs. A man of principles, soft spoken yet a good communicator. Handball is his life… I worked with him in Houston when he pulled double duty as the coach and player for a number of our teams.

Now that he received the stamp of approval from the NGB, I sensed that he is at peace with the work he was entrusted to perform. I asked him what he needs in order to turn the WNT program around. "Time and lots of patience" – he replied. I asked him if the NGB was buying into that. He said that it did.

Marko now lives in Salt Lake full time. Far away from his family in Croatia, 2009 looks to be overwhelming for him, as he is set to recruit new talent and to begin work on rebuilding a WNT that has fallen victim to mismanagement, way too many times.

One of the best hires of the new NGB, Marko Brezic hates the snow in Salt Lake City: "I hate losing more than I hate snow! Quote on me on that."