2009 USA Team Nationals Format

The current format of this year's Nationals is creating quite a stir among the participants.

A flurry of emails have been exchanged within the team handball community over the past 24 hours. The 2009 Nationals seeding format has been under heavy scrutiny by those attending.

I've started a forum thread so that everyone can chime in on this very heated topic.

On a personal note, there appears to be an abundance of evidence pointing to a lack of team handball knowledge and tournament experience among the NGB staff members.

The current NGB continues to struggle when it comes to elementary team handball concepts.
The seeding format ([link=docs/usath09.pdf]click here[/link] for details) is not only flawed but, with very few exceptions, laughable.

It is unfrotunate that with so little time left on the clock befoe the Nationals are set to pass off, the handball commnunity continues to be shafted.