BBC Reports on Handball

The BBC recently did a couple of stories on Handball. The first story was aired in Britain and is focused on the British Handball contingent currently playing for the German Bundesliga club, Essen. Note that there is an audio file available for listening towards the end of the page

British Handballers Star in Germany:

The second story was broadcast on the BBC World Service and is about Handball’s increasing popularity and a decision by the World Service to cover the sport in greater detail. As a frequent listener to the World Service, while living in Europe, I can recall hearing the word Handball only once during 5 years, so this is a welcome development. The BBC World Service is also truly a “World Service” with listeners in practically every corner of the globe

BBC World Service (Over to You) (April 18, 2009):
– BBC Website Stream: (Note: The Handball story begins at the 8 minute mark; only available on the BBC website until April 25th)
– Team Handball News Recording: (Left Click to listen/ Right click to download)