IHF Sec Gen Muehlematter makes case for re-election

IHF Secretary General Peter Muehlematter is actively making his case for re-election. In a recent letter to all National Federations, he received the backing of Jackson Richardson, Erhard Wunderlich and Zlatko Portner. In the letter (see link below) the current/former handball plead for the voters not to be hoodwinked by the favors they may receive in Cairo during the IHF congress. The letter rehashes many of the allegations that have already been made, but also highlights a couple new ones concerning finances in support of the 1999 WC in Egypt and the outright fear and negative working conditions of staff members at the IHF Headquarters in Switzerland.

In addition to the letter campaign, SecGen Muehlematter has launched a blog site on the web. The blog site contains a 2 minute video of the candidate making his case and encourages any national federation member with questions to contact him directly.

Richardson/Wunderlich/Portner Endorsement: http://teamhandballnews.com/request60.html

Peter Muehlematter Blog: http://petermuehlematter.blogspot.com/