Stefan Fatsis Promotes Handball Again (New York Times)

Stefan Fatsis, once again is doing his best to promote Team Handball in the U.S. This time with a cheering section report in one of the most widely circulated papers in America, the New York Times. The story doesn’t have much in it that will be new to Handball fans, but it is great for the sport to get that kind of exposure.

One tidbit that was news to me was the $1,500/game cost that ESPN charged for the satellite uplinks during the World Championships. Yes, we’ve got to pay to get the sport on TV in the U.S. (even web TV!) But, it’s money well spent as that is the fastest way this sport is ever going to grow in this country.

New York Times: Team Handball Has It All, Except an American Interest:

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Wall Street Journal (Aug 2004):
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Can you teach an old dog a new trick? (or why I think TV is so important to grow the sport in the U.S.)