My First Tweet

Of course, everyone’s probably been hearing about Twitter with news accounts of how it has been used by the protesters during the current unrest in Iran. I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about Twitter and what to do with my account. Heck, the only reason I had signed up in the first place was to get USA Team Handball’s feed. I enjoyed getting Handball scores from the National Championships on my cell phone, but other tweets are simply redundant to information you can get at the website. With that concept in mind, I didn’t think it was too necessary for me to both tweet and write at the Team Handball News website.

Yesterday, however, I felt that a timely message was warranted to Handball devotees. As I had my morning breakfast and checked out the latest Handball news, I saw a posting on the Handball123 forum concerning a live web stream for the Slovakia – Hungary qualifier for Euro 2010. As one of the only matches remaining with any real meaning I looked at my watch and clicked on the link and lo and behold, there was the match on my laptop live from Hlohovec, Slovakia. As I watched, I got to thinking, “Would I like to get a tweet on my cell phone with this news and a link?” And hence I sent my first tweet yesterday:

[i]Live webstreamed Euro 2010 Qualifier: Hungary at Slovakia. Slovakia needs win to Qualify 1600 CET[/i]

Alas, Hungary pounded Slovakia 30-19 to secure the last spot for Austria next January. Still, it was kind of neat to watch the match live from my kitchen table.

So, if you want to join the Twitter universe and get tweets like this feel free to join up and follow me on Twitter. And, if you don’t– Well, I won’t be offended.