VIDEO: Christer Ahl Presentation at Play the Game Conference: World handball hi-jacked by its president

Christer Ahl, the former IHF Playing Rules and Referees Commission Pre (PRC) gave a presentation on Wednesday, 10 June at “Play the Game 2009” Conference. Ahl’s presentation was entitled “World handball hi-jacked by its president: Structural problems, scandals, and an urgent need for change”. The presentation covers many of the same issues addressed in the interview previously published on the Team Handball News website. Additionally, Ahl also participated in a forum discussing match fixing. During the forum he noted that match fixing in Handball has been mostly club/nation motivated as opposed to gambling related.

Video Link (Ahl Presentation): (Ahl’s presentation begins at 13:30 and runs about 25 minutes)

Video Link (Panel forum on Match Fixing):
(Panel begins at 33:00)

Editor’s Note: The Play the Game conference has a number of presentations on the business of sport and ethics. While they are not directly related to handball they may be of interest to the handball fan. In particular, I found the podcasts on match fixing and grass roots development enlightening.

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