Christer Ahl joins Team Handball News staff

Team Handball News is pleased to announce that Christer Ahl has joined the Team Handball News staff as a columnist. Christer has over 50 years experience in Handball as a player, coach, referee and administrator. Most recently he was the President of the IHF Playing Rules and Referees (PRC) Commission. While he was PRC President and an IHF Council Member, Christer was an eyewitness to the inner workings of the IHF. Most notably, his interview with Team Handball News in May exposed some of the ongoing problems with the current IHF leadership.

Christer has indicated that while he will continue to comment from time to time on IHF related events and issues, he is also looking forward to addressing a wide range of topics covering the Handball World. These issues include Handball rules and interpretations, the match fixing crisis in Europe and structural issues affecting Handball clubs in Europe (his first commentary below). With his background and experience his commentaries are sure to become required reading to anyone who wants to better understand the issues affecting the sport.

Christer Ahl Handball Bio: