USOC delays Olympic Network plans

Following discussions with the IOC last Sunday, the USOC issued a press release indicating that would delay further development plans for an Olympic Network channel until after all issues related to the network have been resolved with the IOC.

According to multiple news reports and commentaries, the USOC grossly miscalculated the reaction of the IOC and NBC to the launching of a rival platform to NBC’s Universal Sports. In turn, this miscalculation was seen as hurting the Chicago 2016 bid and hence the decision to sheepishly abandon the network until issues with the IOC have been resolved. Although, the LA Times Company Town blog goes further to say that the delay will be permanent, declaring the channel “dead in the water”.

While minor sports like USA Team Handball were hugely supportive of the network and the exposure it would give their sport, more established sports like swimming and gymnastics questioned the move and the impact it would have on their ability to sell TV rights.

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