VIDEO: Lemgo – Leon match available on demand

Reale Ademar (Leon, Spain) is hosting a key Champions League qualification tournament this weekend. Also participating in the tournament are TBV Lemgo (Germany), Celje (Slovenia) and Kadetten (Switzerland). Due to the shrinkage of the initial field to 24 teams one qualification tournament among top flight teams had to be organized. The winner of this tournament will make the field, the rest will be assigned to another European tournament.

Games are scheduled Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the likely pivotal Reale Ademar – TBV Lemgo match scheduled for 1830 Central European Time on Sunday night. The on-demand link is available below.

Friday Results
Kadetten 30 – 29 Lemgo (Somebody forgot to tell Kadetten that they were the also ran team)
Reale Ademar 26 – 25 Celje

Kadetten 27 -27 Reale Ademar
Celje 28 -27 Lemgo

Celje 27-31 Kadetten
Reale Ademar vs. Lemgo [b]VIDEO:[/b]

Kadetten finished with 5 pts and an overall goal differential of +5. If Reale Ademar wins they will also finish with 5 pts. They currently are +1 in goal differential so they need to win by 5 goals to qualify. Should they win by exactly 4 goals the next tie breaker is total goals scored. Kadetten finished with 88 goals. This means Reale Ademar will need to score 36 goals to win with only a 4 goal victory