WNT Farrell guest interviews on American Public Radio's "The Story"

WNT player and the subject of my most recent [link=http://teamhandballnews.com/news.php?item.820]interview[/link], emailed me to infrom me that she will be "doing a radio interview with American Public Radio "[link=http://thestory.org/]The Story[/link]" today!"

"I don't know what time it airs. They saw an article about me in the Duke magazine a little while ago and thought handball sounded interesting. So, I'm coming in to talk about handball, the national team and the upcoming Olympic bid in Chicago", Farrell wrote. "The radio show is broadcast nationally – but they should also post the interview online: http://thestory.org. Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up about it! Always good to have handball out on the airwaves. :)" Jennifer concluded.

Duke Magazine Article (Feb 2008): http://www.dukemagazine.duke.edu/dukemag/issues/010208/depmini-farrell.html

[b]Link to MP3 Audio:[/b] http://thestory.org/archive/the_story_867_Enslaved_In_LA.mp3 (Jennifer's interview starts at 31:00)
American Public Media: The Story: http://thestory.org/archive/the_story_867_Enslaved_In_LA.mp3/view