And the host city for the 2016 Olympics is…

We'll know soon enough. Less than 24 hours to go.

The US is, of course, divided.
Chicago, the US' choice, is also divided.
Those pesky "betting odds" are too close to call.
There are sentimental favorites, infrastructure favorites, time zone favorites, rightful favorites, TV broadcast favorites and so on.
Experts too, are divided.

Presidents, world leaders and sports figures are campaigning for their respective cities and countries.
It's not their money! Naturally there is no regard for fiscal responsibility.
So what if the bid process alone cost Chicagoans $48 millions? (think about it folks!!!)
So what if the DOW dropped another 205 points today, while Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis will retire at year's end to the tune of $53 millions in pension benefits?
What the US (or Brasil, Japan and Spain) needs is the 2016 Olympics!

For the same reason Americans everywhere spent more than they could afford,
Because, to a large extent, they played with other people's money.
And when things went sour, the American consumer's contribution to the US economy was a resounding sucking sound.
Of empty wallets. And of shattered dreams. Crooks notwhistanding!!!
At this point and time, hosting the Olympics is one big fat financial crisis waiting to happen.

I am not gonna lie.
I do want Chicago to win.
The city is more than a sentimental favorite for me.
Also, because I am a homer and, through my "rose-team-handball" galsses, it would benefit [b]my[/b] sport immensely.

Sure, there was 1984 and 1996 and team handball was DOA shortly thereafter.
But this will be 2016, damn it!
New crooks.
Different victims.
But who cares?

You see, as a businessman, when it comes to my wallet (and yours as well), I pray that Chicago loses.
Let Tokyo have it. Or, better yet, my original pick – Rio.
Let the Brazilians incur the hight cost of overrun projects and budget downfalls.
So what if London's original 2012 Olympics budget trippled?

It is South America's turn, y'all.
Samba de Janeiro, baby!