IHF-GCH impasse cancels Croatia vs. “World Selection” Match

A planned match between Croatia and a “World Selection” team scheduled for Wednesday, 2 December in Zagreb has been cancelled due to an impasse between the International Handball Federation (IHF) and the Group Club Handball (GCH). The match was planned in conjunction with the Croatian Federation’s 60th anniversary celebrations. In a statement on the IHF website, IHF President Hassan Moustafa expressed his regret that the GCH was withholding the release of players needed to make the match representative of a “World Selecion.”

In a separate press release, the GCH, and the top professional clubs it represents in Europe, has indicated that players were not released due to the lack of any agreement in regards to insurance (in case players are injured) or compensation. Furthermore, the GCH has indicated that top clubs will continue to not release players for World Selection matches if insurance and compensation issues are not agreed to by the clubs and the IHF prior to the event.

Notably, President Moustafa’s statement included no mention of the underlying issues which resulted in the impasse or any intention for the IHF to address them.

IHF: Statement of IHF President Dr Moustafa regarding the World Selection Match: http://www.ihf.info/front_content.php?idcat=57&idart=2184
GCH: Seven GCH Member Clubs refuse to release players to a match of the World Selection, 6.11.09: http://www.groupclubhandball.com/?p=450