PATHF Div 1 Men’s Championships (Semifinals): Canada and the Dominican Republic qualify for Elite Championship

Canada built a big half-time lead of 19-12 and then held off Puerto Rico for a 29-27 victory. In the other semifinal, the Dominican Republic beat Mexico 35-32. The wins qualified both Canada and the Dominican Republic for the Men’s PATHF Championships this summer in Chile. Those two team will also play for Gold tomorrow, while Mexico and Puerto Rico square off for 3rd place.

Editor's Note: The Mexico Handball Forum found the somewhat hidden links to the Match Reports and has created a handy summary page: Geoffrye Collete was the big scorer for Canada yesterday with 10 goals. Simon Bronsard added 6 and Mark Walder added 5.

Results: Friday, 06 November 2009

Canada – Puerto Rico 29 : 27 (19:12)
Rep. Dominicana – Mexico 35 : 32 (19:16) Group A

5th-7th Place Classification
Guatemala – Colombia 19 : 30 (10:16)
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