Toronto Selected for 2015 PANAM Games

Yesterday, Toronto easily won the vote to be selected the host city for the 2015 Pan American Games. On the first ballot Toronto received 33 of 52 votes, more than the majority needed for selection. Lima was a distant second with 11 votes and Bogota received 7.

The PANAM Games selection is significant to North and South American Handball nations as historically, the Handball tournament at this competition has also served as the qualifier for the Olympics in the following year. Qualification systems can change, however, and there is also the possibility of a new North American Handball Federation.

And even if the PANAM Games no longer the qualifier for the Olympics it is a major tournament and a good warm up test in an “Olympic” environment. Additionally, for Canada being selected to host the PANAM Games could mean more National funding for their cash strapped program.

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