2010 European Championships: Live Streaming Package is Best Yet

In my own little world, I still haven’t quite gotten through the first day’s slate of 8 matches, and I couldn’t be much happier about the quality of the product so far. A few glitches to start, but the 1.5 Mbps quality stream is easily the best picture that fans have ever had to watch a major Handball tournament. If you’ve ever watched the Champions League video at ehftv.com www.ehftv.com and have gotten a bit of a headache from the blurry quality of the lower speed video you should definitely check out the streaming package. And at 18.99 Euros for every single match it’s also cheaper than previous offerings. I don’t know how you spend your discretionary funds, but this is quite a deal compared to my monthly satellite TV package.

Full disclosure: Just in case you were wondering THN has received some modest compensation from the EHF for the Live Streaming advertisement. But as some have pointed out in our forum, I love to critique everything, so rest assured that wouldn’t have stopped me from ripping them if the product was substandard.

User tip #1: If you don’t want to know the score or the current standing of the tournament I recommend that you have a sheet of paper handy to cover the right hand third of your monitor. And you should have a piece of tape so that it can hold itself up while you type in your username and password. I’ve tried to get the EHF folks to remove this from the main page, but was told that most users are watching live.

User tip #2: This is a big one. For the first couple of matches I was somewhat disappointed with the quality of the picture. But, it turns out that I simply wasn’t getting the 1.5 Mbps stream option to load properly. I would click on the little HQ square in the lower right hand corner, but it wouldn’t load properly and I’d get a black screen. A way to get around this, though, is to click on the HQ square [b]immediately[/b] after you select the match you want to watch. I’ve done this for the last few matches and the 1.5 Mbps stream now loads with no problem. A massive thanks to reader, Mark Yazer, for this tip.

THN (23 Dec 09): An Early Xmas Present: EHF to give me the bits for Euro 2010!: http://teamhandballnews.com/news.php?item.910