Hassan Moustafa now on IHF payroll

According to an email message from the Group Club Handball (GCH) General Manager, Gerd Butzeck, International Handball Federation (IHF) President Hassan Moustafa is now drawing a salary from the IHF. The email which was sent to all of the member clubs of the GCH, references an article from the sports website Sportcal (www.sportcal.com (subscription required)) and includes several quotes from the IHF President defending recent actions and upheaval in the IHF office.

In citing the IHF’s council decision to place him on the payroll Mr. Moustafa emphasized that “Nobody has my experience,” adding that he spent 10 years as an international player, 10 years as an international coach, time as an international referee and that he completed a masters degree in handball.

The article goes on to state that Moustafa had no indication that outgoing Sports Administration Head, Ekke Hoffmann, was unhappy and he suggested that his dissatisfaction must have come from the decision to make the president a full-time employee. Hoffman apparently will be replaced by the Competition Director, Patric Stubb. Moustafa also indicated that the former Head of Administration had been fired over a dispute concerning sick leave.

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