IOC President Rogge comments on Moustafa's contract with Sportfive

In an in-depth interview published in Neue Zuercher Zeitung today, two days prior to the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, IOC President Jacques Rogge anwers a broad spectrum of questions, many of a political nature or related to the role and responsibilities of the IOC.

In this interview, the IOC President is asked very specifically about his views on the recently reported revelation that IHF president Moustafa had a lucrative personal contract with Sportfive, at the same time as this company had acquired the TV rights for all IHF events.

At first, the IOC President attempts to avoid the question, by saying that "Moustafa is not an IOC member; therefore it is not up to us to take any measures.' However, when the interviewer follows up with a hypothetical question, "but what if Moustafa had been an IOC member?". [u]The answer from the IOC President is very clear: "In that case I surely would not tolerate such a behavior."[/u] It should be noted that this is in sharp contrast with Moustafa's defense that he had sought clearance from the IOC Ethics Commission.