Yet another shout out (literally) for Team Handball

Uber Handball fan, Stefan Fatsis gave yet another shout out to Team Handball on the latest episode of Slate’s Hang up and Listen podcast. That’s back to back episodes. Here’s the exchange at the 14:00 minute mark:

Mike Pesca: Curling is interesting because fans of obscure sports always say, ‘Well, if they just gave people exposure to us we’d convert people into fans’ and I have to say…

Stefan Fatsis: Team Handball (interjecting)

Mike Pesca: I think that might be true for me with like biathlon or Nordic combined, but man, not with curling. I watch a lot of curling and I’m like this is a boring sport. I want less curling.

I wholeheartedly concur with Mr. Pesca and I can only fantasize about the possibility of Team Handball getting the kind of extra exposure that Curling is currently getting in the U.S. simply by virtue of being played on ice. In the meantime I guess we’ll have to settle for a half-second shout out on the best weekly sports podcast.

22 Feb 2010 Podcast: (Topics: USA-Canada Ice Hockey match, NBC Olympics Coverage, Tiger Woods and NBA salary cap shenanigans)

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