Continued confrontation about proposed changes in IHF Statutes

The German magazine 'Der Spiegel' reports in its new edition today a mixture of 'old news' and new revelations. 'Der Spiegel' comments on the recent exchange of accusations from the European Handball Federation (EHF) and reactions from the IHF president Moustafa and his collaborators. Reference is also made to the scandal involving the President's parallel dealings with Sportfive, until recently the holder of the TV rights to IHF events. And it is reported about the recent demand from the EHF that the IHF president allow a full external audit of the IHF's financial affairs. All these matters have been reported in recent THN articles.

As [u]new[/u] developments, Der Spiegel now indicates that the IHF president apparently has withdrawn his agreement to have an audit undertaken; (perhaps this is intended as a sign of defiance, after the continued pressure from the EHF regarding the Statute changes being pushed by the IHF president).

Der Spiegel also claims that the EHF has plans to use 'formal grounds' to stop the Extraordinary Congress of the IHF, scheduled for late April, where the changes in the Statutes are to be discussed and determined. (There is currently no public information from the EHF in this regard).

Finally, Der Spiegel quotes Reiner Witte, president of the association of the five main handball leagues in Europe, as threatening with a boycott of the next World Championships organized by the IHF.

Undoubtedly, further developments can be expected between now and the start of the Congress…