IHF Council fires back at EHF leadership

The International Handball Federation (IHF) Council has sent a letter to the National Federations of Europe in direct response to the European Handball Federation (EHF) letter of 10 March. The IHF letter asserts that the claims made in the EHF letter are false and do not reflect the opinions “shared by the rest of the leadership of the EHF.”

Among the counter claims included in the letter is the assertion that the EHF letter signatories are part of the IHF Council and that EHF VP Jean Brihault was not present at the Council Meeting in China and that EHF President Tor Lian voted in favor of the motions and did not raise objections at the meeting.

The letter also takes the EHF to task by noting that “The phrasing of the letter is not respectable and not worthy of such a major federation. We believe this is a classic example of improper conduct and an illicit attempt to discredit others in the personal interest of a few individuals.”

In terms of the EHF assertion that the proposed by-laws consolidate too much power in the President, the IHF counterclaims the following: “In addition and out of experience as presidents of national federations; we must strength the power of the President as if we have a weak president, the whole handball organization will collapse.”

The letter was signed by 13 of the 17 IHF Council members. Absent, of course, are the signatures of Tor Lian (Norway) and Jean Brihault (France), as well as Joel Delplanque (France), the IHF Secretary General. Hassan Moustafa’s signature is absent, possibly to emphasize the support from the other members of the council.

The letter includes the signatures of the following Europeans on the IHF Council
Miguel Roca (Spain): 1st Vice President
Sandi Sola (Croatia): Treasurer
Manfred Prause (Germany): President, Playing Rules and Referees Commission (PRC)
Leon Kalin (Slovenia): President, Commission of Organizing and Competition (COC)

The IHF Letter dated, 22 March 2010: http://teamhandballnews.com/request67.html
The original EHF Letter dated, 10 March 2010: http://teamhandballnews.com/request66.html