2010 U.S. Club National Championship (Day 1 Notes)

[b]The Facilities[/b]: The setup at the South Point Casino/Hotel has 3 full courts side by side allowing for easy viewing of multiple ongoing matches. Other than a few minor problems have been encountered with the behind the goal netting the tournament has run fairly smoothly.

[b]Local Club Makes Good[/b]: The Las Vegas Scorpions got off to a great start with 2 victories in pool play (28-15 against Salt Lake City and 21-19 against NYC’s 2nd team). We play Seattle early Saturday morning to decide the Group D winner. A couple of very satisfying outcomes for a group of players who’ve only practiced 5 times before. The Las Vegas Review-Journal also stopped by and did a great story on our club.
Las Vegas Review Journal (22 Mar 10): TEAM HANDBALL: New to the sport, Hartung thrives quickly in South Point event: http://www.lvrj.com/sports/new-to-the-sport–hartung-thrives-quickly-in-south-point-event-94647484.html
VIDEO: 1st ever Las Vegas Scorpions goal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yn2YHtkVyQ (Trivia question answer: Fernando Bonato

[b]The Interview[/b]: I had a frank one hour exchange with USA Team Handball Chairman of the Board, Dieter Esch and Board Member Jeff Utz. In the audio interview which will be posted later on THN, Mr. Esch expresses his disappointment with the IHF leadership, highlights ongoing engagement efforts with European Handball organizations and the upcoming clash between Poland and Germany in Chicago.

[b]The Ringer from Spain[/b]: A Spanish reader of our website sent me this link to an article on Spanish player, Jokin Eransus, who is playing for the Houston Firehawks. Eranus scored over 200 goals for his club Beti Onak in the Spanish 3rd Division. According to the article, the Firehawks have paid for his airfare and accommodations in Las Vegas. The Firehawks are 2-0 and appear to be on their way to the Semifinals. This acquisition could pay off if the Firehawks win the title and collect the “prize money” for first place. Regardless, this development will certainly help U.S. Handball development. (Note: Just in case you missed the obvious, there is no prize money and the last two sentences are mocking sarcasm.)
Diariodenavarra.es (20 May 10): (To Las Vegas to play handball: http://www.diariodenavarra.es/20100520/navarra/a-vegas-jugar-balonmano.html?not=2010052001015983&idnot=2010052001015983&dia=20100520&seccion=navarra&seccion2=sociedad&chnl=10&ph=8 (Note: The Handball National Championships are not being played in the arena depicted. The games are being played in the Conference Center)

That’s all for now. Hopefully, another report either later today or tomorrow.